The European Championships 2022 – Cattle Herding

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The European Championships 2022 – Cattle Herding

Finally, after a long wait we are back to rails and can meet again.  Now it is time for Sweden to arrange the European Championship, which will take place in Jönköping at ELMIA Agricultural fair in 19-21 of October 2022.

We hereby wish your country a warm welcome to us, and we hope that you will have a pleasant and wonderful stay in Sweden.

Information in pdf:
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Time table

19 October 2022 (qualification)

08.30 Welcome to the Championships

08.45 Briefing on the qualifying-course

09.00 First start

20 October 2022 (qualification)

08.30 Briefing on the qualifying-course

09.00 First start

21 October 2022 (final)

08.30 Briefing on the finals-course

09.00 First start

Award ceremony will be hold at 16.00, inside Elmia-exhibition


If you have any questions send an E-mail to Torbjörn Skaar


Kjell Johansson
Johan von Boisman

The Trial

The championship starts with two days of qualifications and the 8 highest scoring dogs will continue to the final.

EC rules cattle

  Day 1 and 2 liten ny            Rätt final liten


Don’t forget to check your dog’s vaccinations and other requirements. (Rabies, deworming against dwarf tapeworm)

One from each national team registrates the team. Write the names of the handlers and the names and registration numbers of the dogs. Your registration must be done before the 25th of September.

Please remember that Dog/ handler no 1 in the entry form is the highest ranked and will start late day 1, and before that no 2, 3 etc and dog /handler no 7 will start early in the morning day 1.

Registration fee is 1200 SEK (112 Euro) per dog, send your payment to

IBAN SE34 8000 0000 0721 2112 8913 • BIC SWEDSESS.

The handlers will each receive two access cards to ELMIA area (Agricultural Fair).

At Thursday night there will be a dinner for competitors, families, and Swedish crew, it’s a Buffe that costs 380 SEK (36 Euro) per person, drinks are paid separately at the dinner. You can book and pay the dinner at same time as the entry fee. We hope you all will come!

More information will be posted continuously on our Facebook page” The European Championships 2022 – Cattle Herding”.


This event organized by the Swedish Herding Club (SVAK)            Logga SVAK



Results 19-20 october (qualification)

Results 21 october (final)

Place to stay

We advise you to book accommodation in Jönköping in good time since the fair is well attended with many exhibitors and visitors.

(Search for accommodation in Jönköping or Huskvarna)

For visitors please look at


Swedish Team – EM 2022 – Cattle Herding

Landslag nöt 2022

  • Jenny Hallström /Awayoflife Vide,
  • Erik Adseke Bra-hund Bolt,
  • Lagkapten Ulf Carlsson /Chilli,
  • Catarina Aggerstam /Kozagans Obbz,
  • Gunnar Forsberg /Nelly,
  • Eleonore Blomquist /Roclines Nell,
  • Carin Thörnell Möller /Star,
  • 1:a reserv: Viktoria Fornander /Tugagårdens Gorm.

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