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Teamet för Pre-Continental och European Drive Championship har skickat ett långt brev där de berättar om sin egen uttagning till detta mästerskap och de meddelar att de vill ha anmälan av våra deltagare senast 15 juni . Se även tidigare inlägg om detta.
Kopierar in brevet här:

Dear organisation,
This weekend we just had the 1st Dutch qualifier to determine our two delegates for the European Drive Championship to be held during the Pre-Continental 2015.
We can inform you it was a big challenge for the handlers, it was a great experience for them. It shows the drive is a different challenge all together, the good and experienced handlers showed themselves during the trial.
We had 35 combinations over two days, with each two runs per day, one from different sides of the field.
When you have a look at our website you can see how we set up the field:
The run starts when the sheep turn to the post and go on to the first drive line (we chose not to count the OLF, the sheep were put close by).
Due to heavy wind the course from one site was shortened. We had an extra gate set which altered the cross drive, the drive away from the post was about  200 m. In total it was a 475 m drive.
The other site we had a total drive of 575 m, the drive away was about 300 m.
Next weekend the 35 combinations run another two runs per day. The group that started last weekend on a Saturday, next weekend starts on a Sunday and the other way around.
The best three out of the four runs count and will determine the 10 finalists who will battle it out during the finals in May. Out of these ten, the best 2 combinations will represent Holland, each handler can start one dog.
We also would like to inform you: 
– The entry fee for the EDC is € 25,00 per combination. We think it’s good to inform the handlers of this before they enter for the qualifiers. Of course it is up to you as an organisation if and how much entry fee you ask for your own qualifier.
– Please give us the names of the two combinations (one dog per handler) before June 15 2015. Once the handlers are known they will receive a confirmation including the fee details. 
– When the organisation has chosen not to organise a qualifiethe best two handlers from that country will come out of the Pre-Continental. The best two drive scores out of the three P-C qualifiers will determine these two handlers. These handlers will be asked to pay the entry fee during the Pre-Continental.
– The handler is not obliged to start at the Pre-Continental 
Good luck and if there are any questions please don’t hesitate to ask,

Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet,

Team Pre-Continental


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